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A Culture of Fear

TECHNOCRACY has long described the problems with the price system. The marketing of fear to sell ideas and tangible items. For those who want(ed) control, fear of OTHERS made a great selling point. “Let us, the big, smart people, take care of you and we will bring security to you by bringing in control of […]

Freedom and Fear

Freedom and Fear Steve Doll 1986 edited by Technocracy 2019 Freedom Freedom is a word that has many connotations, many meanings, and many interpretations in a society as we know it. The word is taken to mean liberty, independence, immunity from countless obligations. “Freedom from want and freedom from fear” has been a political catch […]

Solar Powered Tiny – Clean Water?

FINANCE & INNOVATION This Tiny Device Could Provide Clean Water for 663 Million People By Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer and Erica Sanchez 2016-08-16 It’s tiny, it’s solar powered, and it’s awesome. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University A tiny, black rectangular device could be the world’s long-term solution for clean water. The gadget is solar-powered, half […]

Technocracy and Isms

IN THIS EDITION: COMPARISON OF THE MAIN ISMS – Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, and Communism – TO THE TECHNOCRATIC PLAN BY TECHNOCRACY INC. For many years people outside of Technocracy Incorporated have been touting the dangers of Technocracy. Attempting to create fear, and sell their books or vision of the world, by saying what they claim […]


TECHNOCRACY’S STAND ON PERSONAL CHOICES Many people have many ideas on Technocracy’s view on personal choices. Things such as religion, gay marriage, ethnicity, and more. Technocracy’s stand can be summed up quite succinctly: • Your views, your choice. With the qualifications that your choices don’t interfere with others’ well-being. • If Religion is important to […]

WORK – What is the incentive to work?

WORK – What is the incentive to work? by George Wright A question that comes up often when I speak of Technocracy is: “If everyone is guaranteed all their needs, what is the “incentive” for people to work? The word incentive is key here. In a Technocracy, we will learn as young people to use […]

What if Companies Had to Pay to Pollute

In 2014 TECHNOCRACY INCORPORATED had a group of Science students work on a Transition Plan. They worked very hard and came up with a wonderful OUTLINE of a Transition Plan. See Videos this site. In this plan was an idea about making companies “Pay to Pollute” although it was presented in as a metric for […]

Does Technocracy Have A Place In This World?

DOES TECHNOCRACY HAVE A PLACE IN THE CURRENT WORLD? First, a rebuttal regarding the Fearmongers is in order. There appear to be many people who are afraid of Technocracy’s ideas. Most of those who are writing negative posts about Technocracy have not done their research. Mired in the Technocracy of the 1930’s, they have not […]

Aren’t All First World Countries Globalists?

AREN’T ALL FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES GLOBALISTS? Can we live as Nationalists when the world is so small? Does globalism wreck countries? Trading between countries is an absolute necessity for any First World nation. We import resources from countries around the globe to make the goods we need in today’s world – or more and more, […]

What some others think about Technocracy.

Interesting read. Technocracy by Aurora link to original | Nov 9, 2018 | Future Shit, Reality The Monad is Technocracy’s symbol. It represents a balance between production and consumption, between humans and the environment. On one particular flight home to visit my family during college, I happened to sit next to an elderly professor of […]

Vongehr’s book Protestors United

Edmond Vongehr is an old time Technocracy Member and has written a book. This book has a lot of research into what is going on with society, how the problems are being created and he provides ideas for solutions. Original Book Source Page with with video clip Protestors United – through B&N

2 Birds – One Stone – Great Concept

 Carbon dioxide “eating” energy producing lithium batteries. Image from Analox webpage David L. Chandler | MIT News Office  September 21, 2018 A new type of battery developed by researchers at MIT could be made partly from carbon dioxide captured from power plants. Rather than attempting to convert carbon dioxide to specialized chemicals using metal catalysts, […]

Technocracy in a Nutshell

Many people want an ‘elevator speech’ version of what Technocracy is all about.  You have the fear mongers saying one thing, you have misinformed people saying another and it can get confusing. Technocracy is a many layered idea and can take a long time to explain fully, but…. here is the kernel. Technocracy is an organization that was started in 1918 […]

What is a Smart City?

smart city Posted by: Margaret Rouse A smart city is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare.  While the exact definition varies depending on whom you talk to, the overarching mission of a smart city is to […]