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WORK – What is the incentive to work?

WORK – What is the incentive to work? by George Wright A question that comes up often when I speak of Technocracy is: “If everyone is guaranteed all their needs, what is the “incentive” for people to work? The word incentive is key here. In a Technocracy, we will learn as young people to use […]

Does Technocracy Have A Place In This World?

DOES TECHNOCRACY HAVE A PLACE IN THE CURRENT WORLD? First, a rebuttal regarding the Fearmongers is in order. There appear to be many people who are afraid of Technocracy’s ideas. Most of those who are writing negative posts about Technocracy have not done their research. Mired in the Technocracy of the 1930’s, they have not […]

Share the Ride – Save the Planet…

SHARE THE RIDE – SAVE THE PLANET; Taking the off ramp from the fast track to oblivion By Steve Doll Image1 While ride-sharing may make sense as far as reducing carbon emissions, there is a reason just as compelling for re-examining our love affair with the private, single-driver automobile: saving us from ourselves. According to […]

Aren’t All First World Countries Globalists?

AREN’T ALL FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES GLOBALISTS? Can we live as Nationalists when the world is so small? Does globalism wreck countries? Trading between countries is an absolute necessity for any First World nation. We import resources from countries around the globe to make the goods we need in today’s world – or more and more, […]

Take Back Your Money

    Take Back Your Money By Mark Ciotola There have been grumblings among some Technocrats about the Federal Reserve controlling the US currency. Yet is this entirely true? Although Technocracy is not in the business of promoting money (far from it). Nevertheless, you don’t have to take the Federal Reserve system sitting down. The Federal Reserve […]

US 2015 Q2 GDP

US 2015 Q2 GDP Results

Real gross domestic product — the value of the goods and services produced by the nation’s economy less the value of the goods and services used up in production, adjusted for price changes – increased at an annual rate of 3.9 percent in the second quarter of 2015, according to the “third” estimate released by […]

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May 2015 TrendEvents

  The May 2015 issue of TrendEvents features news about finance, indoor farming, air travel, and laser engine ignition, followed by questions & answers about Technocracy and its design. Q & A covers the organization, monad and begins to discuss the Technocracy and the Price system. To view the issue, click: TrendEvents_2015_05.

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TrendEvents: January-February 2015 Issue

  As the new year is underway, this issue of TrendEvents begins with a warning about climate change. You naturally ask the question: why don’t more people care or do something? TrendEvents follows up with some of the answers.  Also featured are questions & answers taken from the Technocracy Technological Continental Design publication. To view the […]


Halloween TrendEvents

If this issue of TrendEvents won’t terrify you, what will? Scary robots, scary economics, scary nuclear waste, we have it all this issue! Also featured are numerous reviews of technology issues and developments with commentary by Ron Miller.  View the issue here!

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End of Summer TrendEvents

The end-of-summer issue of TrendEvents features numerous reviews of technology developments and commentary by Ron Miller, and “Mechanisms of Distribution” from the Technocracy Study Course. Click on the link below: TrendEvents—End of Summer 2014