• Technocracy was founded in 1933 as a membership organization
  • The organization is not religious and not opposed to religion

  • The organization is non political and active members of political parties are not allowed to belong to Technocracy


A distinction should be made at the outset between Technocracy Inc., the organization, and Technocracy’s Technological Design.


Technocracy Inc. is a research and educational organization formed in 1933 as an outgrowth of the Technical Alliance, a distinguished group of scientists, engineers, economists, and educators formed in late 1918 to study the effects of technology on our social structure. For some 14 years this group gathered data and came up with the following conclusions:

  • 1. The Earth contains sufficient resources to provide every man, woman and child with an optimum standard of living.

  • 2. We have the technological know-how, the infrastructure, and the physical machinery to realize this goal.

  • 3. In the face of advancing technology, human labor is being replaced, thus removing consuming power from a large portion of the population. Therefore, we must seek a sustainable means of distribution of goods and services to all citizens.

Who Are We?

Technocracy Inc. is a non-profit membership organization incorporated under the law of the State of New York in 1919. It is a Continental Organization. It is not a political party. We are a non-profit entity and are in the business of educating, informing, and empowering the public through knowledge, information and modeling.

Where are we?

Technocracy Inc. operated on the North American Continent through the structure of its own Continental Headquarters, Regional Divisions, Sections, and organizers as a self-disciplined, self-controlled organization. It has no affiliations with any other organization, movement or association, but collaborates with many to begin an open accessibility to resources, knowledge, support, production and distribution.

Technocracy principles and views

Technocracy points out that, although the use of the natural resources has been wasteful to the extreme, there remains sufficient resources to accommodate the needs of our population with correct management that considers the needs of the environment and society.

Technocracy finds that the production and distributions of physical wealth on a global scale for the use of all citizens can be accomplished only by an accounting of technology – a holarchial style of governance of efficiency and function; A technate.


The policies and priorities exhibited in our platform are based on several core values.

  • Equitable access to the basic amenities of life: It is one of our core views that all human beings must have access to the basic amenities of life, and thus they must be made available and accessible to all. This includes potable water, adequate food, shelter, education, clothing and basic health care.

  • Quality of life: Improving the quality of life for all human beings is our ultimate goal.

  • Inclusion & accessibility: We maintain that all policies enacted and advocated must be inclusive and accessible to all citizens.

  • Respect: We acknowledge that society is made up of multi-faceted and diverse people, with varying opinions, and although we might disagree at times, we respect all of those opinions.

Our Vision

  • Research and share working models and processes that encourage people to use energy, resources, and creation of waste in the most efficient ways possible.

  • Governmental, social and economic decisions being made based on hard scientific facts with at least the following criteria to be used; little to no harm to the environment, benefit to man and society, sustainable in delivery.

  • An Education system that accommodates multi-faceted and diverse people with varying learning styles and is available to everyone at their levels.