Over the decades since its inception, members of Technocracy have from time to time presented concepts and analyses that may not have been based on scientific evaluation of all available data or have been rendered irrelevant by advances in technology and cultural shifts. We regret these errors but cannot undo past errors.  In the future, we may promote technology or ideas that have faults as well.  You as the future will determine how and which projects come to pass.

The “Flying Wing” and some parts of the Continental Hydrology report are a couple of those projects that were espoused without sufficient research into all possible issues.  We have plenty of people in the world that find the faults of projects, and that helps to make the ideas better!

Technocracy’s enthusiasm of, and even espousing, new technological ideas without full research does not in any way detract from Technocracy’s core analyses principles that will alleviate the negative effects that the current, functionally obsolete, system has on society and the environment.

The “Profit” business model is antiquated, wasteful, non-sustainable, and is destroying the environment.

“When the current economic system of ‘profit as the main ideal and decision-making changes to ‘societal and environmental well-being as the main decision-making concern’ we will be on track to a healthy system.”