TECHNOCRACY’S summary of energy accounting / environmental accounting

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Technocracy Inc.’s simplest explanation of:

Energy Accounting:  accounting for all energy created in a technate area in a set time period, calculating the energy required for infrastructure and needed survival uses (food, housing, clothing, education, health care, and transportation) for that same period, allotting the overage of energy to the population for use by need and by number of people.

Environmental Accounting:  accounting for the effect on the environment for all transactions via production, manufacturing, and distribution or societal (human waste, individual pollution, etc.) 

The premier criteria would be to mitigate any negative effects on the environment.   Be that positive reinforcement for those that support the environment, negative reinforcement for those that harm the environment, or a change in societal paradigm to support only that which doesn’t harm and benefits the environment.  Link to video

WHY would we want to use these forms of economy rather than what we have become accustomed to; what we believe is ‘normal’.

One: Eventually, the abundance of natural pristine environments will deplete if we do not support the environment.

Two:  Most economies have a built in zero sum competition rather than a support-building competition.

Both energy / resource based accounting and environmental accounting encourage support building competition i.e.  (I built this device that has a 2 point environmental and 6 point energy scale (2:6) and isn’t that great.  No one can ever get to a 0:0 scale! – Joe Tinker then feels the competition to come up with a 1:5 scale device.)  And we all benefit from a support-building type of competition rather than the zero sum, “How many people can you swindle out of their money to get your yearly bonus increased” competition.

Without the marketing of capitalistic ideals that ‘guarantee’ you will be happy if you just go into a bit more debt to purchase the new item advertised than we would be well on our way to a system that encourages friendly competition that supports our environment and encourages all to have an equitable footing to start on – what they do with their footing is up to them and their initiative.