What is wireless electricity and how can it be transmitted?
There are two types of wireless electrical transmission.   Long and short distance. Long distance at this time is considered anything over about 20 yards.
Long distance has yet to become widely available, but many are working on it.
The types of transmission vary depending on the range of transmission.

Long distance (far field or radiative) uses three main types.

  • Electromagnetic
  • Laser
  • Microwave

Short distance (near field or non-radiative) uses mainly:

  • Magnetic fields using inductive coupling
  • Electric fields using capacitive coupling

Long distance electrical transmission is an up and coming project.  If this technology could be implemented without it being captured by capitalistic systems, then electricity could become available to all.  Essentially worry free.  If there are no wires than there will be no storm damage when trees fall.  Of course, storm damage happens to the transmitters, but less chance.
Links to some of the studies on long distance wireless transmissions.  These show the pros and cons of each type and progress made.

Laser:    Laser2

Magnetic:   Magnetic2

Microwave:    Microwave2


Wireless electricity? It’s here

By Nick Glass and Matthew Ponsford, CNN

Fri March 28, 2014

A world without wires 03:51

Katie Hall was shocked the second she saw it: a lightbulb glowing in the middle of a room with no wires attached.

Looking back, it was a crude experiment, she remembers: a tiny room filled with gigantic copper refrigerator coils.  She walked in and out between the coils and the bulb — and still the bulb glowed.  “I said: ‘Let’s work on this. This is the future.'”

Hall sees more revolutionary steps.  The technology opens the door to any number of mobile electronic devices which have so far been held back by limited battery lives.

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