Technocracy was an Economic Reform and Sustainability Organization long before the word sustainability was coined.

Now, it is so wonderful to see that there are THOUSANDS of organizations that are concerned with and trying to:
find ways to support the earth, discover new technologies that bring accessibility of water, food, information internet and other services to isolated communities, make efficient and sustainable decisions with waste, find an economic style that will be long-term sustainable both socially and environmentally.

We have compiled a varied and VERY  short list (in alphabetical order) of a few of the organizations that are working diligently to support the earth using quite different approaches.  If you would like your organization to be added to this list please email [email protected]

The list is in order of  Names – (possibly truncated) Mission Statements – Projects.

Alternate Economy and Anti-Consumerism – Economic Survival and shared solutions for low-cost green living – Individual Level Projects

Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems – Critical Thinking training on Alternative Economies – Forums, Classes, Conferences

Alternative Economies:  – A pass through company – Assist Grassroots Organizations and Ideas to get off the ground

Aquasol –  To Provide … Technology Transfer, expert opinions, and management services to new and existing aquaculture projects… – Oceanic Farms, Study of Financial Feasibility of Projects

Arts and Labor – Assisting with Sustainable Living for Artists – Groups of Artists using bartering and other alternative economies

CascadiaNow! – To Cultivate a resilient and inclusive Pacific Northwest community – Octopie Seattle, Great Northwest Productions, other

Ceres – Advocate for Sustainability Leadership – Corporate Training in Sustainable Global Economy

Conservation International – Empower societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature – Promoting Sustainable Production

Earth Organization for Sustainability – Investigate whether there is any alternative to the current system and how we can transition towards such an alternative – Build a network of autonomous communities which are integrated into urban social environments.

Enerkem – Clean Fuels and Green Chemicals from Waste – Waste Diversion – Biofuels and Green Chemicals

Fellowship for Intentional Community – Promote development of intentional communities.. – Collaboration with like-minded organizations

Global Peace Initiative – Scientific approach to Peace – Global Meditation

Green Chips – Create relationships between businesses, government and non-profits through education – Convene for Green, Sustainability Toolkits

Green Schools Network – Providing schools with information on how to become green and maximize resources – Youth and School administration

Growing Power – To grow food, to grow minds, to grow community – Project and Growing Methods, Education and Technical Assistance

Komar – Waste processing and energy fields – Creating fuel and helping others create fuel out of waste

Lummi Community Services – Provide food and energy assistance – Accessibility Project

Moneyless Society – Open Information and collaboration – Technology use to improve life

Nitty Gritty of Creating Alternative Economies – Academic Research  – Informational

One Community Global – Facilitate a global shift to a world that works for everyone – self-replicating living models addressing global challenges

ReSources for Sustainable Communities – Promote Sustainable Communities – Educational Programs in local schools

Sindicatum Renewable Energy – Promote renewable energy development – Proven business model of high sustainability, governance and ethical investing

Sustainable Bellingham – Promote Sustainable communities – Community Building Events

Sustainable Connections – Bring communities and businesses together…with a focus on healthy environments – Think Local First, Building & Smart Growth

Sustainable Harvest International – Introduce Sustainable farming and nutrition information – Individual level projects

Transition – Unite people who are willing to take action toward… protecting the environment for future generations – Information disseminated toward Phases of introduction

Union of Concerned Scientists – Develop and implement innovative, practical solutions to … most pressing problems – Food and Agriculture, Clean Energy, more

Venus Project – To provide information about a possible technate style future – The Venus Project

Waste Management – Find and use eco-friendly ways to dispose of and recycle waste – Think Green, Methane Emissions Quantification

What is the True Impact of an Alternative Economy – Analyzing Impacts – Research teams to review economy innovations

We have done minor research on the named organizations website.  If you have reliable information that is contrary to the above descriptions please let us know and we will remove the name from this list.  [email protected]