It has come to our attention that some organizations, and individual people are trying to denigrate Technocracy Inc. by stating untruths about us.

People maneuver and twist information, or just make up information to defame an organization.  The most vocal against Technocracy Inc. are asking for your money to put in their pockets to support their campaign against us…  Interesting.


This following are some of the misinformation being stated as “facts”:  MI = Misinformation     A = Answer

MI:  Technocracy Inc. doesn’t exist any longer.

A: We are alive and well and growing!


MI:  None of the ideas about how technology will change society drastically that were explained have any merit.

A:  Um, really?  You can barely turn around without hearing how technology is changing our world in both positive and negative ways.  Technocracy Inc. was way ahead of the game and wanted society to realize the problems that were heading our way and to find a way to mitigate the problems that would occur – such as drastic unemployment, rising governmental and personal debt, environmental destruction.  The problems described in the 1930s and 40s are here.   Many people are attempting to ‘find ways to fix it” when Technocracy has a blueprint to begin the process.


MI: We are a religious organization or against religion –

A:  Neither is true, we are not against whatever peoples’ beliefs are as long as they hurt no one and we espouse no religion. We do not consider religious information when conducting our research, studies, or disseminating information.


MI:  We want to control people

A:  Inviting people to assist in creating a system that will function long-term in an environmentally and socially sound manner is not control, it is being proactive in creating a world that our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren can live in comfortably knowing that their forefathers (us) were thoughtful about the decisions they (we) made regarding the earth, the environment,  about how decisions affect society, and helped to create processes that would assure a healthy, knowledgeable future for all, not just a few.


MI: We want to eliminate private property

A: We want people to become aware and environmentally sound property owners, many people are now talking about owning towns together as a group.  If that works for them, that would be wonderful.


MI: Micro Manage Energy Distribution and Consumption

A:  We want to inform the public of ways, technologies, groups, and processes that they can use to go off-grid, consume less energy, and be less dependent on non-sustainable energy sources


MI:  Technocracy wants to force people to live in cities and leave rural land

A:  It will be up to people where they want to live.
What we do want, and are working very diligently toward (see our accessibility project) is equitable accessibility to water, food, energy, and information to people in rural and urban / suburban areas across the globe.

Knowledge is Powerful.