As our production/distribution jobs continue to be replaced by automation/AI or out-sourced to sweat shops in China, etc…

What incentive will there be for any of us to do anything?


Hmm, good question, right? What if everyone stopped working for the abstract concept of money, would everyone just lose all sense of purpose?

Imagine if people had free time and extra energy to do what they love, would the world ‘deteriorate through neglect’?

Most people are slaves to their current jobs and bosses, they work because they have to or they just might lose their homes, and their ability to provide for their families.

But what if a new system based on free energy, was actually used to free people up, would these free people just lay idle and do nothing or would they find something they love doing and call what they’re doing, the new work?


The point is, people will continue to do what they love regardless of money, and what they love doing, they’re typically good at.

Yes, the new incentive to work will not be money, but the love one has to do something regardless of money.

Money and or fear is not a very good motivator but love and our desire to free ourselves to follow our bliss, is!

There will always be people who love to innovate and or produce new technologies that will free up our time and energy, regardless of money, and that’s incentive enough to work for me!


A post by Rob Ahmann edited by Technocracy Inc.