Information Overload?

Is there too much information coming your way?

Would you like to ascertain the validity and or basis of the information.

We have gathered information about news sources world-wide.

I think you might find your favorite news source on these lists.

Neutral Media List;  Left Leaning Media List;  Right Leaning Media List


Information from Media Bias Fact Check


3 Responses to “Information Overload?”

  1. Desen27 2017-11-28 at 10:38 am #

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  2. Robert F Ahmann 2017-08-13 at 3:57 pm #

    All political/financial news is subjectively interpreted, fictionally centered and hence conflict oriented.

    Now here’s the catch, our current political/ financially based society is founded upon thousands of make believe legal fictions (laws), hence the news that supports the current establishment must manufacture a faulty belief structure in order to justify one group or individuals control and ownership over everything. Yes, they own us in fiction only, under contracts that serve the creditors.

    Fake news is simply a way to shape the public’s perception so that you will be willing to die and or go to war for false ideologies like i.e. the myth of monies value or the words of a crafty snake-oil selling politico who wants the mineral rights within the boarders of North Korea, or the oil fields in Iran, or the poppy fields in Afghanistan, or…… They’re just trying to sell us a reason for a profit making war…

    Do you notice that ALL political news is conflict based? Well, that’s the objective, to create and or manifest conflicts so that people can make more funny money …

    There’s nothing new here about fake news, that’s the norm within our make believe society of fools.