What does Technocracy have to offer?

The organization of Technocracy Inc. was established as an effort to educate how best we can start to adapt to these new conditions.
Our genesis, the Technical Alliance, after years of research and analysis, brought forth five basic methods that would be required to advance our society to benefit all a life worth living, not just those with greater resources.
They are:
1. To survey the possibility of applying the achievements of science to social and industrial affairs.
2.  To work out a design of completely coordinated production and distribution .
3.  Production defined as manufacturing and furnishing of goods and services necessary to satisfy the wants/needs of its citizens in given standards of comfort.
4.  Engineering estimates of production processes, i.e., material specifications, plant locations related to industries and distribution methods — estimates given in qualitative and quantitive terms of machine hours, pounds and cubic feet heat units etc.
5.  To put the technical knowledge of the country at the service of the people so that society, industry, and the environment may be released from the present chaos imposed by rule of financial and political (lobbying) control.

2 Responses to “What does Technocracy have to offer?”

  1. Beti ona 2018-07-01 at 2:22 am #

    I would like to see an article in response to this criticism that was made about technocracy and Howard Scott.

    Obviously, the founders of this magazine were millionaires, ultra right, so their criticisms are bullshit. They say that it is an ism when it is a lie, I suppose they want to associate it with communism or socialism, but capitalism is also an ism.

    “Just when the country was more than being run by an engineer in the White House, there emerged in New York a movement, a new” ism, “to have the country run by all its 300,000 engineers and technical experts.”

    Hahaha, according to these millionaires, only the envious poor want to establish a technocracy. Obviously, those who take advantage and win with the system, will not want to change it

    “Technocracy, To theorists like Messrs. Rautenstrauch, Jones, Ackerman and Chase, technocracy is a serious effort to collate facts that may show whither industrial civilization is moving.” To thousands of discontented technicians employed (or discharged) by oil. Lumber, automotive and other industries whose wealth they envy, Technocracy is the hope of a new economic deal To Howard with whom Howard Scott was once associated, Technocracy is a new lever against Capitalism. , Technocracy’s spokesman, breathes fog upon their mirrors. ”


  2. Robert Ahmann 2018-06-02 at 8:55 pm #

    “Production defined as manufacturing and furnishing of goods and services necessary to satisfy the wants/needs of its citizens in given standards of comfort.”

    I agree to some extent, but the reality is, we can only furnish what people need and not what they want. All “wants” are contrived from subjective interpretations of value and hence are relative in terms of importance…. In fact, our current hierarchy of values or opinions is how our current monetary system operates and in order for anything to be made valuable we must make our “wants” to appear to be scarce.

    As we furnish people with what they “need” abundantly we’ll automatically be eliminating the desire to want things that they don’t need…