This was written in 1938 by someone who could see the dreadful direction of the Price System’s operations.  Sadly, it is still relevent today.


Technocracy objects to the casualties of the, so-called, Peace, arising from the Price System because it reduces the fit to the unfit, and increase the poverty and progeny of the unfit.  Technocracy objects to the inertia of the pacifist, and the senility of the Price System militarist; both are expressions of national defeatism in this Power Age.


Why should we fight to maintain the peace of this Price System which is truly more dangerous than war?  Has it reached such a state of defeatism that nothing positive is worth fighting for?  One is forced to ask the question:   Is the saving an antiquated Economic System worth the expenditure of a single human life in its defense?  Hell no!  The Costs of War

The frontier days of yesterday are past.  The frontiers are no longer geographical.  The frontiers of tomorrow are technological.


The patriotism for this Price System is the last refuge of the con-artist, and the comfort of the chump.  In peace, he can die in the ditch; in war, he can die in glory.


What we need is a new patriotism for the technological frontiers of tomorrow.  It must be a patriotism for advancement, a positive intention for youth; a patriotism that is a negation of all that was yesterday, a patriotism so great that the youth of today will fight for it in order to provide those yet to be born with a world worth living for.

The REAL war is here and now, in this country and in the world – a patriotic war against the cost of this Price System, against its poverty and its malnutrition, its crime, its death, and its disease.  It is a war of plenty versus poverty, of technology versus toil, the war of tomorrow against yesterday, of science versus chaos.  It is our only real war.  It is a war to transform the social disease of business and the paralytic political administration.  This is the only war that the young should fight.

Our next generations have a dismal future unless it fights and wins this war.  And the senility of yesterday had better stand aside; for when the younger generation knows what to do to change the world for betterment for all, they will be utterly resolute.  They shall not negotiate nor will they compromise.  This generation has already begun this fight.  Technology will present a clean, bright design for living that will be the glory of all the ages.


Wars end in victory or defeat, but the cost of this Price System has no end, merely disintegration;
More debt, Richer rich, and Poorer poor.


Howard Scott
Technocracy Inc.
August 8, 1938