By Technocracy Inc.   Scientific Functional Governance For North America

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An Abstract

 “Whatever the future of Technocracy, one must fairly say that it is the only program of social and economic reconstruction which is in complete intellectual accord with the age in which we live.”     The Encyclopedia Americana

Technocracy has always insisted that the type of social operation it offers is not just desirable; it is necessary.  Man cannot continue to live at all on this Continent without drastically changing his methods of management.


Functional governance would put into operation energy accounting of all flow line of production and distribution.  To measure the total amount of energy used by the North American continent in a given time period.


A Continental statistical system would record the selections of every citizen by their choices of consumable goods and services.  This system would do the following:

1.  Register on a continuous 24-hour-per-day basis the total net conversion of (a) the availability of energy for Continental plant construction and maintenance, (b) the amount of physical resources available in the form of consumable goods and services for consumption by the total population during a length of time sufficient to allow all industrial processes to complete a cycle.

2.  Make possible a balanced load of industry and services by means of registering the energy converted and consumed.

3.  Provide continuous inventory of all production and distribution.

4.  Provide a specific registration of the type, kind and quantity of goods and services, where produced and where obtained.

5.  Provide a specific registration of consumption by each individual.  This will allow Continental health care service for every citizen.

6.  Allow all citizens widest latitude of choice in consuming their share of Continental resources.

7.  Distribute goods and services as desired by every member of the population.

8.  All goods and services, educational, recreational, health maintenance, transportation, etc. available to all citizens.

Such technology as “smart cards,” voiceprints or other record keeping innovations could be put to use in enabling citizens to withdraw goods and services, as they prefer.  All withdrawals to be electronically recorded to facilitate replacement.


Due to the fact that money is debt, and hence cumulative, the amount could continually increase.  With its property being negotiable, money leads to concentration of control in a few hands and to general disruption of the distribution system that it was supposed to maintain

A Continental Energy Accounting System is not a medium of exchange or subject to fluctuation of value.  It is not subject to theft or loss or hoarding or gambling; nor is it a means of wealth or prestige nor a means of creating debt.