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Work directly with UPS, Fed/Ex,  and Local Transport Companies or be a direct courier service.




Green Points is a concept aimed at addressing inefficiencies with Distribution in the shipping industry. The idea is to implement local hubs that will act as drop off points for large shipping trucks, so that small and medium-sized packages can be delivered to the local community using environmentally friendly vehicles (i.e. hybrids and electric cars).

How Companies Can Benefit from Green Points:

Society is moving in a more environmentally friendly direction from solar panels, to electric cars, and everything else in between.

Utilizing Green Points would provide companies with a public image that shows that they are also for moving in a more environmentally friendly direction. This would cause an increase in consumer base because most people want to be more active in being more environmentally aware and friendly, and so they would be willing to purchase items that would utilize this system of delivery more often.

Green Points has the potential to greatly save costs for shipping companies; by having more centralized points to drop off and redistribute shipments, it reduces wear and tear on big trucks, which would reduce maintenance costs. It would also reduce fuel costs because trucks wouldn’t be travelling as far to deliver shipments to warehouses or residential addresses. This would also reduce the risk of accidents due to drivers being over-tired, which also increases the security of all shipments.



Another potential aspect of Green Points is the collaboration and partnerships of shipping companies, which would cut down overall costs, while still maintaining the same consumer base and not having to lose or compromise customers.

How Consumers Can Benefit from Green Points:

As it stands, broader society is awakening to environmental issues and their own impact on global issues. Green Points would help them contribute to a cleaner environment by having their packages and products shipped to them via environmentally friendly vehicles. By being more aware of their impact on the environment and choosing Green Points as a friendlier option to receive their products and mail, they will be active in making a positive impact on the ever-growing issue of climate change.

How Environment Can Benefit from Green Points

Every day, we as consumers and businesses are impacting the environment: whether it be through chemical waste, carbon emissions, oil spills, etc… Because Green Points would reduce emissions caused by big trucks, and would implement using hybrid and electric vehicles as transport for local shipments, our negative impact on the environment would be greatly reduced.




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