Take Back Your Money

    Take Back Your Money

By Mark Ciotola

There have been grumblings among some Technocrats about the Federal Reserve controlling the US currency. Yet is this entirely true? Although Technocracy is not in the business of promoting money (far from it). Nevertheless, you don’t have to take the Federal Reserve system sitting down.


The Federal Reserve prints all of the US paper currency, and effectively prints much more electronically. Yet they are not the only game in town. I live near San Francisco. The Federal reserve has a grand, modern building in the heart of the Financial District. Yet near my dentist’s office is a large, 1930s-era building that looks like a fortress. It is the U.S. Mint, which is not part of the Federal Reserve, but rather a direct part of the U.S. government (the Treasury Department) . The U.S Mint produces all of the coins. So we really have two parallel currency systems: paper money by the Federal Reserve and coins by the U.S. Mint.


So if you really don’t like the U.S. Federal reserve, pay everything with coins! Coins are your money, not theirs. And, a handful of dollar coins can really add up!


Of course, a much more fundamental solution is the adoption of Technocracy! 
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One Response to “Take Back Your Money”

  1. Robert F Ahmann 2017-02-10 at 1:55 pm #

    It really doesn’t matter if the Privately owned Federal Reserve Prints our money or if the U.S. Treasury inc. does. All monies derive value from our faith and trust, through socially accepted agreements.

    Yes, we collectively agree to determine our worth as people by the amount of funny money we possess, so does it really matter if the money is backed by gold, silver or faith? No, and why? Because we accept the owners, and or controllers of money to be our masters, as we willingly become their debt slaves for purely business oriented, and profit driven reasons.

    Always remind yourselves, the people in charge of the price system are not necessarily bad people, they’ve simply learned to capitalize within the framework of an insane system we’ve all accepted.