Technocracy wants the people who are designated excellent in their fields, by their direct peers, to make the vital societal decisions.

Do we want a farmer telling the doctors how to do their business?  Do we want a production manager to tell the farmers what is the best crop for their land?

Do we want profit driven politics to make our decisions on anything?

Technocracy has always wanted the ‘Experts’ to make decisions.  What was bastardized was the description of the word experts.  Opponents of Technocracy have said that individuals would have no say in decision making; that Technocracy wanted a Communist, Fascist, Socialist, etc. society.  That is blatantly wrong.

The farmers in your county, on your street know what is best for their land; the teachers in a town know how best to teach the area children; the doctors in certain areas know their patients and know what is best for them.

Take away the profit driven decisions, and you will have decisions that are made for the good of all; the earth, society, your specific communities.

How do we do that?  Technocracy has an outline of how to get from the broken system we have now to a system that makes decisions based on the factual science that works in their area.  As technology moves forward and new information is available, the plan adjusts naturally.

A balance between production and distribution and the environment and society is VITAL.