Herein are some random ideas about how we could counter the disruptive forces when our present method of economic operations begin to fail.  It is failing as I write, but the buffers placed earlier; unemployment compensation, welfare, food stamps, and etc. are still working to some degree keeping the eventual wolves from our doors.

The key are the financial institutions, banks and credit unions, not Wall Street interests – keep them open with funds from the US Treasury.

Reassure people that they can still use their ATM cards to buy necessities, but cancel all their debt and create presidential decrees that stymies evictions and personal hardships.

A state of emergency exists calling on all medical, police, fire – all systems of help during any emergency to stay on the job.

Trains and the trucking industries continue with funds required to fuel the vehicles.

Establish food kitchens and keep open motels and hotels to house the dispossessed.

As soon as possible, create continually running TV spots depicting how we should go about our daily lives during this time.

Establish a network of reports to the public via any communication systems still functioning.

Martial law will no doubt be implemented, but the officers in charge will not order firing into people on the streets.

Use local police and sheriffs to help keep order.