T. Melvin Johnson 1992 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 1st quarter 1992, No. 326 

Technocracy’s analysis points out the disintegration of today’s social structure, the Price System; and makes clear that current social problems are inevitably its by-product. What is a Price System? It is any social system that effects its distribution of goods and services by means of money. This constitutes a “Price System” irrespective of whether the ownership in that social system is individual or collective. With very small exceptions, every country in the world is ruled by some variation of the Price System. In view of political foolishness and the failure of the Price System to meet the needs of the people, it is obvious that some changes need to be made.

Let us start with basics. It is a fact that our highly technological society is too complex to be administered by any form of politics. But there is one other option; the North American Continent needs a scientifically formed government managed by functional people who are chosen for their ability and without the interference of politics and business.

Technocracy’s synthesis is a social design that utilizes science and technology in the social operation of North America. Operations will be organized into functional sequences involving communications, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, housing, and education for an estimated total of 98 sequences, all to be coordinated via a continental control board consisting of the most competent person of each sequence, as chosen by members of that sequence. There is much more to the design of the “Technate”; it requires study to understand “Functional Control” with its “built-in” checks and balances.

Technocracy is the result of using the scientific method in organizing society. Details are provided in the pamphlet entitled Technocracy – Technological Social Design. Request a copy at your local library.

Please remember it is our future — we who are considered adults, and especially our children’s that is at stake.