Because of the lack of understanding regarding the importance of science and technology in keeping us alive, many people fear and mistrust it.

Science and technology are just methods for acquiring knowledge for the benefit of humankind. How this knowledge is applied is up to us. At present, it is used largely for profit of individual or corporate gain. The end result is much of what we see today, and of which so many people decry. It is used for short-term, monetary expediency, with little thought to the long-term survival of the human and other species on this planet.

With just a little imagination, what marvels could be expected by removing the restraints of our present method of operations;

  1. Cross- Continent 300 mph rail systems, the ability to move about North America with ease;
  2. Food products grown for nutrition – not for shelf life and profit potential.
  3. Education for life or as much as you can or want to absorb;
  4. Crime reduced to a fraction of what we see today;
  5. Preventive care for our health which includes healthy foods, clean water and air.
  6. Inventors with unlimited access for research and development.
  7. And most significantly, leisure time to enjoy the real treasures of family and friends, and the gifts nature gave to this grand area we call home. 

On and on we could go – just let your imaginations pursue what could be possible.