Howard Smith 1991 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 2nd quarter 1991, No. 323 

For the welfare of this Continent, there had better be a greatly expanded distribution of the facts, and a clearly identified means to bring about an orderly transition from the Price System to Technocracy.

Individuals become Technocrats because they understand that if problems before this Continent are to be solved, they will have to do something about it themselves. The type of individual who is able to be a Technocrat doesn’t quit thinking about things because the Price System leadership is lousy. This only serves to irritate them to take action. They are willing to fight for this civilization because they think that it is worth saving.

The tendency of the human being is to keep trying to do things the way they were done in the past, despite the increasing difficulty that may be encountered. North America, for that reason, has clung to the Price System when it should have been “scrapped” long ago. North Americans are waiting for something to happen. One quite often hears the remark from individuals interested in Technocracy: “When the time comes, I’ll be there to support you.” This is “bandwagon” behavior, and shows no understanding of the role of Technocracy Inc. When the time comes for large scale action, the framework for the social movement for Technocracy had better be already built. You don’t prepare for an emergency after you get into it: you either prepare for it beforehand or take the consequences.

An investigation of Technocracy’s blueprint will show that in all respects it has employed the scientific method in each specific problem as well as for the entire operation. No other organization has done this in the past, and no other is doing so now. Technocracy stands alone in preparing this Continent and its people for the social change being thrust upon them by science and technology. Whether or not Technocracy ever comes into existence, the same problem of conflict between physical abundance and a scarcity economy would be facing North Americans.

Technocrats have no more to gain from implementation of Technocracy than any other North American. If some are placed in positions of functional responsibility it will be because they, like their fellow leadership personnel, have demonstrated the necessary competence. They are promoting the blueprint not for their own gain but because the nature of the developing social crisis demands such a solution.

For several decades Technocracy Inc. has made the Technological Social Design available to government and the public for an examination of the facts that show what must be done to avoid social chaos.

Technocracy’s Continental Headquarters is staffed by Technocrats who will provide information to anyone concerned enough to request it. The objective is to inform enough people with those facts arrived at through the research that has been confirmed by the physical events of more than sixty years. If the majority of citizens and government continue to ignore those facts, they do so at the peril of possible human extinction. Technocracy does not ask for soap box oratory or aimless activism, only an honest examination of the factual material available. It is apparent that most people think they are immune from the results of social decay. But as the breakdown of the Price System proceeds, no one will remain unaffected, and those who think that money will save them from the horrors of chaos, in a system dependent upon the installed technology, have an awakening coming in the not too distant future with which they may not be able to cope.