The technological advances of mankind’s efforts in North America have reached a degree of usage that has so changed the rules of governing our existing economic system that the effects are increasingly rendering the old system inoperable.  The cause of approaching environmental and social distress is not the installation of technology – it is the wanton misuse of our technology that is jeopardizing the very existence of North American society.  The only rule of control in our economic structure is the “profit motive”.  If it is more profitable to pour toxins into a waterway instead of processing for clean up – so be it.  If it is more profitable to build weapons for war instead of searching for ways to defuse situations – than that is the way to go; if it is more profitable to replace people’s jobs with technology or moving abroad – that shall be done.  But, most importantly, the condition central to the need to consider a new way of governance is that the traditional economic system demands an ever increasing area for expansion, including exponential human population growth.

Our present method of operations has become like a cancer, devouring its host.  It just cannot continue for much longer.