North America CAN break out of this continuing cycle of despair and disruption IF we rescue our natural resources from the Price System soon enough.

Technocracy is no plea for “social justice;” no scheme for a Utopian realization of the humble rights of men.  It is a necessity.  For the first time in history, as a result of technological advance, we have achieved an economy of plenty in the midst of a hodge-podge of debt and unemployment.

The plain fact is:  The machine and MAN cannot both work on a parity basis any longer.  The machine has pushed MAN out of work.  There isn’t room for him anymore.

In this stage of hi-tech production, the need for labor is being drastically reduced.  Consequently, if the problem of poverty is to be solved, the distribution of goods and services must be based on something other than wages.

But, it is not a matter of choice.  Technology has brought our present System to its end.  There is no way out except by the fundamental redesign Technocracy has proposed.