One night not so long ago, an influential Congress person woke with a cold sweat.  He had dreamt, but thought he actually had in reality, spoke truly to his constituents:  “Well, I got mine, and you folks just go get yours.  I like my job and want to keep it so I have to assist the ones who actually pay me the most.  I like having a house here in D.C. and another in my home state, plus all the perks like retirement, health care – you name it.  I came into this position with only a moderate bank account, but I will probably leave a multi-millionaire.  So, you see, I just have to actually represent the ones who are most important to me.  Anyway, where were the so called do-gooders Democrats who could have stopped Bill Clinton form invoking NAFTA and the World Trade Organization?  Any dummy knew that was a license to off-load jobs to low wage countries.  Your jobs disappeared along with the unions that my true benefactors wanted.  I remember Ralph Nader talking about an office to actually help business relocate to other countries that was funded by you taxpayers.  It got approved by all of us.  I know it seems unfair that we want to cut Medicare, Social Security and other welfare systems, but if truth be known, the taxes that support them are far too generous.  We need those funds to go elsewhere.   We have done a good job of siphoning off over 40% of every tax dollar for the military, so that indicates it’s possible.  Well, like I said, I got mine, now you go out and get yours.”


George Wright