“We live in a society that loves money, loves having money and glorifies those with money. Many people have made money their priority, and this is the problem.

I have said this before and I will say it again: Money is a tool or resource for your life. It is not your life. It can be evil if you make it your life (hence love it) or the objective of your existence. We do this by prioritizing making money over everything else.


Imagine a household where the parents are always at work or doing something or the other in search of money. Time together as a couple is compromised; time with family is compromised and many times, even their own health is compromised. They are deluded into thinking that if they reach a certain status or level of finances, they will spend time on these other things.

They don’t realize that money is a moving target; it will never be enough. If you make a million, you want five. If you make 10 million, you want 20. If you get addicted to the attention that money brings, you always need to make more or buy something bigger to retain the attention.” 1

What then shall we do?

Find a way to transition into a system where the economy is based on quantifiable energy, with standards that consider the impacts on the environment and society.  One where the exchange medium is not transferable and therefore not corruptible. A system where scientific innovations are shared freely to help all of society, not just created to line the pockets of a few. An economic system that considers the impact on the environment and society to be vital to itself  instead of how much debt it can generate by and for the general population to create the impression of great wealth for a few.

1. Money is Not the root of all evil