Technocracy’s 1940-1970s Heyday is over, BUT we are definitely alive and well and interest is very high in the ideas that will take us away from the erratic and volatile Price System idea of scarcity is needed to run the world.  We have enough to provide for everyone, the fear mongering about scarcity of food, water, and livability in the world is just a control tactic and a way to get your money!  Look into economic options that don’t need a ruling class, that consider everyone’s welfare, not just a small selection of the whole.

There is a group that is interesting, and it explores Dead Ideas

They have some interesting information on their webpage and in Mid-March are doing episodes on Technocracy (the non-dead idea).

Research, Study, use YOUR objective reasoning, and see what solutions you might come up with.  Take ‘dead ideas’ or never considered ideas and run with them using the criteria – does it benefit many, does it no harm to or help the environment and society as a whole, is it sustainable in the long term.

There are many, many intelligent, resourceful, and thoughtful people out there, connect, do something small, or something HUGE, something together, or something alone; just do something that takes you along the path that helps the whole world.