Jack Bergel 1991  Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 4th quarter 1991, No. 325  

We have an economy dependent upon war and the preparations for war — all financed by an ever larger debt. It has become a juggernaut beyond control, and resistance to control becomes more obdurate and idiotic. Meanwhile, there is not much time left for understanding that the basic economic system must now be reconstructed; now becomes a dangerous diversion from the real problems.

The crucial need right now is to eliminate the illusions that dominate our national thinking. There are several popular misconceptions:

  1. Those social systems must be preserved, even when they no longer work.
  2. That it is people that must be changed, not social systems.
  3. That wars are won by nations. We defeated Hitler, but we have Nazis, fascists and others who think like them, all over our nation, so, what did we win?
  4. That we live in a democracy. Even those who run the nation do not believe that. They say we live in a republic, and hire other people to do our thinking for us. (We actually live in a plutocracy. Look it up.)
  5. One of the worst illusions we have is that human behavior is human nature. Understanding the difference is important.

There are a few more illusions we live with and by. All in all they are killers, and they even kill those who create the illusions for others. The creators probably do not realize this yet.

Finally, while all this goes on and we head in the direction of social and economic chaos, Technocracy states that it is “our country right or wrong.” Technocrats support it in any emergency. It is all we have, so we had better get about the business of making it right — and soon. Technocrats can show the way to understanding and the solution. Read about Technocracy’s Technological Social Design; it is scientifically correct and explains the problem and the solution.