A Summary:

A brief summation of Technocracy:

It is possible with North America’s present resources, technology, and knowledge to give to every inhabitant of this Continent a guaranteed standard of living higher than any ever known.

This abundant standard of living can be attained only with less, rather than more, labor; for they can be produced only through employment of technological processes as automatic as can be devised.  There is no virtue in human labor as such.

American technological achievement must be accomplished with minimum wastage of non-replaceable resources; and it can be done only by a social organization and system of distribution expressly designed to meet the requirements of America’s high-energy civilization–which is Technocracy

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  1. Michael Rogers 2016-06-21 at 9:38 am #


    —COUNTRIES SCORED HIGHEST, while the average income is good, it isn’t extreme and many countries with higher average incomes are far DOWN the happiness list!
    This tells us that the average citizen JUST having LARGE amounts of money won’t probably give us the universally pleasant society we are wishing for.
    We DO need to have our needs well met (whatever that means in detail) but one can come up with a list that most will find meets most of their needs if not desires. I guess that Russia had attained this at least in some areas but hadn’t reached the point where the majority had at least some of their desires were being met.
    All of this is to postulate that we need a society where everyone has their needs well met–not mansions but housing at least an apartment in a complex–as Russia did in the 50’s, fresh healthy food, a decent environment including water, air, quietude and a culture to be involved with. One SHOULD be able to pursue their non invasive interests: art, research, hobbies, social intercourse–anything THAT DOESN’T NEGATIVELY impinge upon others. Thi would also include being able to obtain non essentials for one’s pleasure within reasonable limits. YES, one could obtain a very valuable vintage Jaguar but at great one’s personal sacrifice.
    I’ve probably missed much but am primarily responding to: in summery

  2. Michael Rogers 2016-06-21 at 8:57 am #

    This thought is too simple, The US and most other countries are primarily driven by monetary incentives, this WILL continue to be the motivation for the majority of significant activity for the foreseeable future. Money is universally exchangeable for essentially ANYTHING THEREFORE IS A UNIVERSAL REINFORCER!
    This works on the individual level, if one has enough money, they can create their personal environment stocked with whatever one finds reinforcing and excluding almost anything one wishes not to be exposed to.
    We are during this election cycle seeing this with at least one candidate, This person has ANYTHING buyable he wants available and only the people he wants in his awareness except for his exposure to the rest of us at his choosing. He is the personification of a person having almost unlimited economic power.
    The British Economist magazine periodically conducts world wide surveys, In one concerning the QUALITY OF LIFE OF NATIONS the SCANDANAVIAN

  3. Mark Ciotola 2015-12-31 at 2:42 pm #

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