For centuries people have dreamed of an age of peace and plenty, an age without crime, debt – or war!  Would you believe that this North American Continent already has the above requirements to make that happen?

Technocracy’s Technological Continental Design has been ready for installation for over 80 years.
The small fraction of the population that controls our society today, has decided that it alone has the right to determine the direction of the whole society. Not too surprisingly, this consists of them continuing to do what they have been doing, only more of it.  It is this mysterious “they” who decide what the whole society is to think and what ideas are fit for public consumption.   This problem alone would indicate the need for social change – a change from the historical domestic confrontations or “revolutions” that in the past only resulted in a change of characters while the society in question regressed back to the same old problem.  Technocracy would go beyond that and put in place a genuine revolution that would begin the way for society to truly achieve the enhancement of the human condition.