Amazing applications are possible.
01 Magnet Polymagnet_Function_01

What’s Special About Polymagnets

Most magnets have a simple nature. North on one side, south on the other. Some hard tooled, custom magnets have simple configurations of north and south.

Standard magnet
01- Magnet

Rather than simple arrangements of north and south, polymagnets have customizable patterns that are designed in software and programmed into a magnet in minutes. Not weeks.

Polymagnets are fundamentally different than conventional magnets. You can now customize the feel and function of a magnet system. Polymagnets are an incredible new design tool to precisely tool the feel and function of a product.

Rotate-release with alignment feature

01-Magnet Rotate

Magnet for Hall effect sensor application

01-Magnet Hall Effect

And with the tremendous flexibility of Polymagnets, entirely new types of magnetic systems can be created; from incredibly strong holding magnets to magnet systems that spring, latch, release and align – and with these basic building blocks, that’s just a start!

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