The old adage is that we can learn from our past; that the mistakes we made earlier leave with us a lesson to not go that route next time. Well, some of us anyway, can see that is a falsity. Actually, it is not mistakes that we are concerned with today – it is repetition. We are locked into a system that leaves us with no choices but to do the same things over and over. What is the saying about expectation – a definition about craziness; “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a change?” Change is happening though, it is just that we cannot adapt to it – we have these rules you know. We must admit that most of us do not like to change unless we initiate it, or there is some advantage too great to dismiss. Yet, the changes referred to, and what should be obvious to all, are changes that unless addressed, will be our collective downfall.

A prime example is the city of Detroit. During the early stages of our own industrial revolution; many migrated to the cities of the north when the cotton gin technology replaced many workers. And now here, the final stage of this change has again made human labor somewhat unnecessary because of technological advances. Of course, this is happening all over our world. As illustrated in Detroit, many in power believe that money supersedes everything and if people can’t pay their water bill, well then, by the rules we just “turn of their water supply.”


George Wright