Greetings to you all:
I will try to be as concise as possible in spite of the monumental problems facing this planet.  First, we may be to far down the path “of no return.”  Just this morning I witnessed a conference about the declining oil prices; Venezuela sells its fuel for 9 cents a gallon for instance.  We should be inching up the price of fossil fuels and have a great effort to implement renewable sources.  This may be far removed from the issues you are concerned with, but the problem at the center of low wages and the environment is undeniably related.  It is our political and economic structures in total.
We have been handed down an economic structure that was conceived centuries ago, for a life that was lived centuries ago.  It is supported by the business and political entities whose only goal is profiting from expending irreplaceable resources from our lands and oceans.  Now, in this year of 2014; with so advanced technologies, we can extract those resources to almost infinity, and do it with  miniscule human effort.  This now unneeded human effort is revealed in all aspects of our lives and Linda Tirado’s book shows part of the overall picture.
There is no salvation by looking for answers within the system that is creating them, that in fact can only exist by expanding the waste built into its agenda.  We have to develop a system of government to accommodate our modern day of existence.
For some time now, yet denied examination by the public, a method of scientific functional governance for North America has been available for an intellectual examination to turn us away from the suicidal and destructive method of operations now in use.
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My best to you all,
George Wright