Have you ever wondered why it seems impossible to stop the carnage taking place in and to our environment?  I have a theory.  Aliens.  Yes, aliens are responsible.  They need our planet but it is not quite right in accommodation for their existence, but they also know that an outright invasion would ruin it for them too.  So – infiltrate.   Take over the financial and banking institutions.  Use the human failing of greed to motivate people in their direction.  The way that we have set up a system of governance – an economic system, makes it very easy to motivate us to do their bidding.  The essence of all this of course is the “profit motive.”  If there is no profit in any project or program, then why do it.  The forces countering that are fragmented and few.  Have the monetary wealth of the more prominent countries gravitate to fewer and fewer people.  This will ensure at first jealousy, and later cause great social unrest when the fabric of control begins to fray.  As the aliens attack in that direction, the effects of paying off enough congress people is working very well.  The oceans are rising due to the melting arctic ice and becoming more acidic; the coral reefs won’t last much longer.  Temperatures are climbing and droughts throughout the world are now more prominent.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, as maybe a positive report to the aliens, pointed out that in the last four decades, forty years or so, the planet has lost half of its wildlife.

As an unexpected bonus, it is now possible to make people disappear without notice; due process and all that, and, it seems without any discussion, we can now torture people too.

So, it looks pretty good for the aliens.  They have all the time in the universe, but the naïve and ignorant populations have very little time to come to their senses before it is too late.

Of course this is all “tongue in cheek” so to speak.  Some of us do understand that when we look into the mirror we are looking at the “aliens” responsible.  We know that people can hold two opposing thoughts at the same time, thinking both correct – continue to support the very factions causing the carnage, while thinking things will change.  So ladies and gentlemen, continue to vote and hold homage to your favorite politician, or cruise through this website and learn of the only direction to take to at least give us a fighting chance to change direction.


George Wright