“The American public has endured both government and businesses indulging in the curtailment of food production and its wholesale destruction at a time of the greatest human need in American history. They have seen their factories closed at a time when a large fraction of the population has been in want of the products of industry and when millions have been willing and anxious to work.” 

This paragraph was excerpted from an article written some years ago when we were in the grip of a calamitous economic shut down.  It is as relevant today as it was then with the lay-offs and cut backs in the present years.

What is so complex about the problem? 

What is it that has to be done in order to solve it? 

Simply and solely,

Our Continental totality must be operated at a maximum of efficiency with a maximum conservation of resources for the maximum production and distribution of goods and services–with a resultant standard of living greater than has ever been obtained on the North American Continent.