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Multiple Jobholders Can’t Make Ends Meet

Clyde Wilson  1995  Published in: Social Trends Newsletters, Oct. 1995, No. 140   A new Labor Department survey reports a growing trend of multiple jobholders in the work force. Today, 7 million Americans, 6 percent of the work force, occupy 15 million jobs. Although single mothers and divorcees are among the total, most of the multiple […]

More Pink Slips for White-Collar Employees

Clyde Wilson 1993  Published in:  Northwest Technocrat Newsletter, Nov/Dec 1993, No. 119   The downsizing and the lean and mean look is taking its toll among the once permanent white-collar workers. Drake Beam Morin, who recently released a study of the trend, predicts that 3.1 million white-collar employees will get the pink slip this year, more […]

Micromanagement: The Dangerous Side of Specialization

Ron Landridge  1997  Published in: Technocracy Digest, 2nd quarter 1997, No. 324   Specialization is being thrust upon us in almost every realm of human endeavor. Magazines such as Scientific American, as well as the multitude of trade, educational, and in-house publications that swamp us every day, indicate that knowledge and understanding is accelerating at a […]

HELP! I’ve Been Downsized! What Do I Do Now?

Ken Clements  1996 Published in: Technocracy Digest, 3rd quarter 1996, No. 321  Ken Clements is a member at large from Colorado   The Effect Of Downsizing On Society  Now that downsizing has become a household word, and now that everyone knows that the word itself simply means “you’re fired” what are the results of such vast unemployment? […]