A SAD POST: A long time member, speaker, and director of Section 1 Regional Division 12349 (also known as the Aldergrove B.C. division) has died very recently. Jack was born in October, and he had just reached his 89th birthday which he celebrated with Ian and Emma with a trip to a restaurant.

He leaves an amazing legacy.  If you have some memory of Jack, or want to write a few words for this page, please send them to [email protected]

Jack was even in a movie!  ‘Future my Love’
The movie Future My Love focuses on the analysis of the dysfunctional price system via an old lecture from the Technocracy archives, and features current representatives of Technocracy Inc., George Wright & John Darvill, at their headquarters in Ferndale, WA, USA. Technocracy was one of the first movements to propose energy certificates rather than money as a way to distribute goods and services and to account for the value of labour.

“If this system [The current economic system] was operating at maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost, and to the greatest benefit, the system would still collapse. “

John Darvill

Jack was what members call a ‘die-hard’ Technocrat. He was sure that someday, the world would wake up and see that politics, greed, and money were not the way to rule the world. He would not give up trying to get Technocracy noticed and reviewed. He wanted the world to see what Technocracy has to offer.

Technocracy was Jack’s work and passion.

And, as all good people, he had other interests and passions. His Grandchildren were the light of his life; Emma who is a nurse, and Ian who is a firefighter like his dad Allan. See the photo of Jack’s family from left to right: Lynn – Jack’s daughter, Emma, Allan, and Ian. Our hearts go out to the family.