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Plight of the Price System Lemmings

Stephen L. Doll  1991   Published in: Section 3 Newsletter January 1991, No. 89 The Northwest Technocrat, 3rd quarter 1991, No. 324 For years, it was accepted that the little creature known as the lemming harbored some sort of unfathomable propensity for irrational self-destruction. Legend held that every few years, vast numbers of this plump, […]

Money Trouble

Lois M. Scheel 1995 Published in: Social Trends Newsletters, Mar. 1995, No. 133 VOLTAIRE: In general, the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to the other. There are two subjects that will arouse and sustain interest in almost anyone: money and sex, in that order. Perhaps […]

Money Is A Superstition

L.W. Nicholson  1998 Published in: Technocracy Digest, 3rd quarter 1998, No. 329  Great progress has, and is, occurring in the transferring of money from one individual, or corporation, to another. First, the direct exchange of goods with the old barter system, then to the use of seashells as a medium of exchange, then to the coining of […]

It Really Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Stephen L. Doll  1997  Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 1st quarter 1997, No. 346  The stripping of rainforests for monetary profit points up a vital truth — we are dead set on a collision course between human ambition and the hard, cold realities of physical science. The world operates on two economic systems. The one is […]

Is Economic Recovery Possible?

Sam Rachele 1992 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 2nd quarter 1992, No. 327   This article was submitted by Technocracy member Sam Rachele as a letter to the editor, but was printed instead in the guest editorial column “As I see it” of the January 16th issue of the Gazette Times, Corvallis, OR, under the title U.S. […]

Impoverished Man in a World of Science

Wilhelm A. Tietz 1995  Published in: Social Trends Newsletters, Aug. 1995, No. 138  The renaissance of science took place at the beginning of a European age of trade. It was born among a materialistic people whose business entrepreneurs perceived that science could be used by them for power and profit, and with its application they reinforced their […]

Impoverished Man in a World of Science

Wilhelm A. Tietz  1995  Published in:  Social Trends Newsletters, Aug. 1995, No. 138  The renaissance of science took place at the beginning of a European age of trade. It was born among a materialistic people whose business entrepreneurs perceived that science could be used by them for power and profit, and with its application they […]

Who is Looking After the Kids?

Cyril Large & Bette Hiebert  1997 Published in: Technocracy Digest, 3rd quarter 1997, No. 325  For over 60 years, members of the organization of Technocracy have been trying to look after your children, but we have been thwarted at every turn. We have spent time and money since the 1930s trying to wake up the public so […]

Full Employment

Wilton Ivie  Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 4th quarter 1989, No. 317  FULL EMPLOYMENT has been widely ballyhooed as a corollary of prosperity and social well-being. It is the hope of the politician, and almost full employment is the hope of the businessman and industrialist. It is also a desirable social condition from the viewpoint of […]

Good Soil For Food

1996 Published in: Technocracy Digest, 4th quarter 1996, No. 322   We read a letter by Dr. C. F. Bentley, P. Ag., Professor Emeritus of Soil Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, for Soil Science 316, to the Editor of The Western Producer, a farm paper produced in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, about farming practices and the need for soil […]

I Am The Price System

R. B. Langan 1944 Published in: Great Lakes Technocrat March/April 1944, No. 66 A pamphlet along with The Culture of Abundance by E. Merrill Root. Published in 1945 and distributed for several decades. Technocracy Digest, 4th quarter 1982, No. 266. Social Trends Newsletters, July. 1996, No. 149 and August. 1996, No. 150  ALWAYS WITH YOU I […]


Jack Bergel 1991  Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 4th quarter 1991, No. 325   We have an economy dependent upon war and the preparations for war — all financed by an ever larger debt. It has become a juggernaut beyond control, and resistance to control becomes more obdurate and idiotic. Meanwhile, there is not much time […]

Hunger In An Affluent Society

Ron Landridge 1996  Published in: Technocracy Digest, 1st quarter 1996, No. 319   Recently, the new “Conservative” government in the Province of Ontario instituted a number of significant, (read significant in the context of the devastating impact on those affected, not in terms of a solution to the province’s debt), cuts in the province’s payment for a […]

At the Mercy of Debt Merchants

Melford Pearson 1969   Published in: Melford Pearson. Excerpted from his book, Challenge to Crisis. Pubsished by Aquila Press, Inc., PO Box 252, Noblesville, IN46061 Northwest Area News, Sept. 1994, No. 127, Oct. 1994, No. 128, Nov. 1994, No. 129, Dec. 1994, No. 130, Jan. 1995, No. 131 and Feb. 1995, No. 132. Reprinted with the […]

An Economy On “Life Support”

Walt Fryers 1997 Published in: Technocracy Digest 1st quarter 1997, No. 323 The North American Price System has run its course. It is no longer viable in its traditional form. It is now on “life support” in a desperate attempt to extend its vital functions a while longer. The pyramid of debt has grown to such proportions that […]


L.W. Nicholson  1992   Published in:  The Northwest Technocrat, 3rd quarter 1992, No. 328  The rapid increase in the federal debt and the total national debt has been necessary to stall off a complete collapse of the economic system (Price System) in the United States and Canada. Let’s not postpone facing up to this any longer. […]

Death, Taxes, and the Price System

Stephen L. Doll  1990 Published in:  The Northwest Technocrat, 3rd quarter 1990, No. 320  If the Internal Revenue Service has its way, the American Price System will go on, even in the event of a nuclear attack. And the less devastated areas will be hardest hit when the income tax man comes calling, according to columnist […]

Economic Factors Make Crisis Inevitable

Sam Rachele  1995  Published in:  Social Trends Newsletters, July. 1995, No. 137 As I study history and reflect on the news, I become deeply worried about the future of most of us now living in North America. The bomb that ripped through the FederalBuilding in Oklahoma City recently reflects a growing trend of apprehension and […]

Scandalous Prison Record

Lois M. Scheel  Published in: 1996  Social Trends Newsletters, May. 1996, No. 147 It’s been almost 100 years since Clarence Darrow gave this speech, and in all that time we haven’t learned what he knew all along: Locking people up doesn’t work. 1.5 million Americans now live behind bars. Statistics prove that by locking people up […]

Violence, Violence, Violence

Shamefully, violence is the hallmark of contemporary times. Given we have a highly developed society, where are the roots of such primitive and destructive behavior? In their book, Beyond Language; Social and Cultural Factors in Schooling Language Minority Students, John U. Ogbu, University of California at Berkeley, and Maria Eugenia MatuteBianchi, U. of C. at […]