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Science and Technology, the Real Engines of Social Progress

R.E. Landridge 1996 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 3rd quarter 1996, No. 344 The story of humanity is best characterized by the almost total lack of social progress throughout our history. We have, since our appearance on this planet, moved from small groups of individuals living predominantly on whatever was close at hand and sheltering in whatever was […]

Social Responsibility Of Science

Information Brief Number 38  1957  The North American scientists are neither noblemen nor freemen in their society. Unless they are able to achieve some outstanding recognition, they must remain second-class professionals. The role of the scientist lacks social prestige, for the majority merely become servants of businessmen and politicians. It is high time that the […]

Designed For Disaster

Clyde Wilson 1994 Published in: Northwest Area News, August 1994, No. 126   The captions reads: City That Lives By Car Has Nowhere To Go. The earthquake in the Los Angeles area brought out how vulnerable a city could be that depends on the automobile and the consumption of oil for transportation and as a mainstay in the […]

A Technological Social System

Howard Smith 1991 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 2nd quarter 1991, No. 323  For the welfare of this Continent, there had better be a greatly expanded distribution of the facts, and a clearly identified means to bring about an orderly transition from the Price System to Technocracy. Individuals become Technocrats because they understand that if problems before […]

World Peace

Today’s Dilemma

T. Melvin Johnson 1992 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 1st quarter 1992, No. 326  Technocracy’s analysis points out the disintegration of today’s social structure, the Price System; and makes clear that current social problems are inevitably its by-product. What is a Price System? It is any social system that effects its distribution of goods and services by means […]