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An Environmental Economic Standard

Creating an up-to-date economic standard By Charmie Gilcrease Preface:  I am not a scientist, I am not an economist, but, I am a systems thinker and see how the current economic system is not working in an efficient and sustainable manner.  Like-minded people have gotten together and are now working on new thoughts about a […]

United to Protect the Earth

MORTON COUNTY — Ceremony, aromatic sage and drumming song welcomed the eight tribes of Washington State into the encampment of Native Americans supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tribes with new and unusual names — Yakama Nation, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, Lummi Nation, Puyallup Tribe, Nisqually Indian Tribe, The […]


Amazing applications are possible. What’s Special About Polymagnets Most magnets have a simple nature. North on one side, south on the other. Some hard tooled, custom magnets have simple configurations of north and south. Standard magnet Rather than simple arrangements of north and south, polymagnets have customizable patterns that are designed in software and programmed […]

Big Sustainability Think Tank Presentation.

Mid-February 2016, representatives from Technocracy Inc. attended a Think Tank presentation about sustainability, economics, and the futures of both. Mark Ciotola, physicist and professor, whom you know from our website articles and Facebook discussions, and Jiarong Dong, chemical engineer & entropy activist provided an excellent presentation on Sustainability. First came a simple, yet complex question […]

The Conversion of the American Dream by Tom Atlee – 1990

The American Dream is a vision of individual and family happiness and security based on the ability to have and consume more of everything. Its social vision is of people with equal opportunity competing for these things and thereby expanding the prosperity of all. Of course, it doesn’t quite work that way. First: This American […]

Physics fun

By Ryan Beckler on Oct 08, 2015 at 10:37 AM Sound is already pretty neat. It helps us communicate, and the sound of music – however crappy – get us through all of those painful high school breakups. Turns out, sound can also do some pretty mind-boggling things to a drop of liquid. Scientists from Clemson University […]

U.S. Capitol building


When people complain about ineffective government they often use the word “change”.  What they most often mean by this is that they want to “fix” the current system so that it works better than what they now see but still looks pretty much the same. But what do they think when the closer and more […]


Technocracy is basically an accounting system

Everything we do and use requires a certain amount of energy to do the work.  That work is now performed mostly by technology thus increasingly removing people’s ability to garner incomes. Instead of loading a depository (financial intuition) with diminishing access to a monetary fund of some kind, we determine what physical resources are available […]

Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television

By Jerry Mander Lois M. Scheel 1993  Published in:  Section 3 Newsletter, March 1993, No. 111    For 15 years Jerry Mander worked in public relations as an advertising executive. He led the good life, keeping company with prominent people in high-class places, traveling to foreign countries, making money, everything he had ever hoped for. And then […]

Education –the Way It Should Be

1996 Published in: Technocracy Digest, 3rd quarter 1996, No. 321  What does the word `education’ mean to you? A modern definition of education would include: `the development of the human being to such an extent and in such a way that it can grasp and cope with social change as it occurs, rather than rebel against it’ […]

Education Versus Chaos

L.W. Nicholson  1990 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 1st quarter 1990, No. 318  Judging from information provided by the news media across the Continent these days, a breakdown of existing methods of decision making is rapidly approaching. It has been more than a half- century since Technocracy first stated that a time would come when the Price […]

Letter – Education

Pam Gill 1996 Published in: Technocracy Digest, 1st quarter 1996, No. 319  Editor, Times-Colonist P.O. Box 300 Victoria British Columbia V9W 2N4 Canada Dear Editor: I am writing in response to Denise Helm’s Oct. 2, 1995 article, “Teacher Burnout.” I am an inner-city high school teacher from San Francisco, and I found much to identify with in this […]


Pam Gill  1997  Published in: Technocracy Digest, 2nd quarter 1997, No. 324  The question of Ebonics has been trashed all over the electronic and printed media. This subject from a Technocratic perspective, which the media avoids covering, addresses the subject in a different light. The author is an English teacher in an inner-city school in San […]

A Teacher In The Trenches

Pamela Gill  1997  Published in: Technocracy Digest, 4th quarter 1997, No. 326  There was an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, May 26, 1997, by Jonathan Marshall, entitled Beyond the Bruises; The Cost of School Violence, who reported that a study finds higher dropout rates and pay for teachers. Marshall reported that “In a 1994 Gallup […]

Urban and Rural Schools Face the same Problems

Pam Gill  1997  Published in: Technocracy Digest, 1st quarter 1997, No. 323  Compulsory education in the United States arose to fit the requirements of the industrial age. The demands of this age differed from those of the primitive, agrarian age that existed at the birth of our nation. Bells in past ages were used by churches […]

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Pam Edwards  1996 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 3rd quarter 1996, No. 344   In a recent science fiction movie, TWELVE MONKEYS, the hero is forced to live physically underground because the surface of the earth is too contaminated, and he is trapped in a totalitarian society in which the vast majority of humans have already died […]