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Declining Oil Prices

Greetings to you all: I will try to be as concise as possible in spite of the monumental problems facing this planet.  First, we may be to far down the path “of no return.”  Just this morning I witnessed a conference about the declining oil prices; Venezuela sells its fuel for 9 cents a gallon for […]


Aliens – “tongue in cheek”

Have you ever wondered why it seems impossible to stop the carnage taking place in and to our environment?  I have a theory.  Aliens.  Yes, aliens are responsible.  They need our planet but it is not quite right in accommodation for their existence, but they also know that an outright invasion would ruin it for […]



Herein are some random ideas about how we could counter the disruptive forces when our present method of economic operations begin to fail.  It is failing as I write, but the buffers placed earlier; unemployment compensation, welfare, food stamps, and etc. are still working to some degree keeping the eventual wolves from our doors. The […]



The old adage is that we can learn from our past; that the mistakes we made earlier leave with us a lesson to not go that route next time.  Well, some of us anyway, can see that is a falsity.  Actually, it is not mistakes that we are concerned with today – it is repetition. […]



One night not so long ago, an influential Congress person woke with a cold sweat.  He had dreamt, but thought he actually had in reality, spoke truly to his constituents:  “Well, I got mine, and you folks just go get yours.  I like my job and want to keep it so I have to assist […]

Where Are The Jobs

Jobs, jobs, jobs

We have all heard from business and their caretakers the politicians, that if we can create enough jobs then everything will be better.  By some degree this would seem to make sense.  Give Mom and Dad more money to raise the kids; kick start the youngsters coming out of college with an opportunity of an […]


Technocracy is basically an accounting system

Everything we do and use requires a certain amount of energy to do the work.  That work is now performed mostly by technology thus increasingly removing people’s ability to garner incomes. Instead of loading a depository (financial intuition) with diminishing access to a monetary fund of some kind, we determine what physical resources are available […]

Let it go

Technocracy Simplified

 By Technocracy Inc.   Scientific Functional Governance For North America An Abstract  “Whatever the future of Technocracy, one must fairly say that it is the only program of social and economic reconstruction which is in complete intellectual accord with the age in which we live.”     The Encyclopedia Americana Technocracy has always insisted that the type of […]

Western World View

Excerpted from OpEdNews.com May 25, 2014 edition   “Competition, taking and hoarding are higher                                           values than cooperation, sharing and gifting.”   The western worldview says in essence, that technological progress is the highest value and that […]

Science and Technology, the Real Engines of Social Progress

R.E. Landridge 1996 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 3rd quarter 1996, No. 344 The story of humanity is best characterized by the almost total lack of social progress throughout our history. We have, since our appearance on this planet, moved from small groups of individuals living predominantly on whatever was close at hand and sheltering in whatever was […]

TECHNOCRACY INC. Scientific Functional Governance

NO WARS – NO POVERTY – CLEAN ENVIRONMENT   The technological advances of mankind’s efforts in North America have reached a degree of usage that has so changed the rules of governing our existing economic system that the effects are increasingly rendering the old system inoperable.  The cause of approaching environmental and social distress is […]

Social Responsibility Of Science

Information Brief Number 38  1957  The North American scientists are neither noblemen nor freemen in their society. Unless they are able to achieve some outstanding recognition, they must remain second-class professionals. The role of the scientist lacks social prestige, for the majority merely become servants of businessmen and politicians. It is high time that the […]

Climate Change

Ron Miller 1998 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 1st quarter 1998, No. 350 This article is slightly different than the version printed in the magazine as this was converted directly from the author’s word processor file. The long promised greenhouse effect has finally arrived. Combustion of hydrocarbon materials to produce energy has resulted in an increase in the […]

Dam Fish

The Dam Fish

Ron Miller 1998 Published in:  The Northwest Technocrat, 2nd quarter 1998, No. 351 (with the title The Fish and the Dams) This article is slightly different than the version printed in the magazine as this was converted directly from the author’s word processor file. There are photographs from the early nineteen hundreds of salmon caught in the […]

Designed For Disaster

Clyde Wilson 1994 Published in: Northwest Area News, August 1994, No. 126   The captions reads: City That Lives By Car Has Nowhere To Go. The earthquake in the Los Angeles area brought out how vulnerable a city could be that depends on the automobile and the consumption of oil for transportation and as a mainstay in the […]

A Technological Social System

Howard Smith 1991 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 2nd quarter 1991, No. 323  For the welfare of this Continent, there had better be a greatly expanded distribution of the facts, and a clearly identified means to bring about an orderly transition from the Price System to Technocracy. Individuals become Technocrats because they understand that if problems before […]

An Age of Peace and Plenty is Possible

L.W. Nicholson  Published in: 1997  The Northwest Technocrat, 2nd quarter 1997, No. 347 For centuries people have dreamed of an age of peace and plenty, an age without crime, debt, hunger — or war!  A great dream indeed, but how could such a dream actually be achieved in a real world in which these things […]

World Peace

Today’s Dilemma

T. Melvin Johnson 1992 Published in: The Northwest Technocrat, 1st quarter 1992, No. 326  Technocracy’s analysis points out the disintegration of today’s social structure, the Price System; and makes clear that current social problems are inevitably its by-product. What is a Price System? It is any social system that effects its distribution of goods and services by means […]

Energy Certificate

Harold Fezer  1938 Adapted from an article by Harold Fezer in Technocracy, Series A, number 10, July, 1937. Distributed as a pamphlet starting late 1938.   PREFACE In this day of computers, credit cards, and microchips, an addendum should be included. Rather than a book of paper “Energy Certificates”, it is now possible that a […]

Energy Accounting

Information Brief Number 29 1955 Obsolete System The Price System grew out of the days of scarcity, when trading his crude materials or stealing them, was the only way in which man could acquire the articles which he required. Through complex ramifications the trading system has grown until it is now the overwhelming structure of finance, […]